Dry Rubbed Baby Back Ribs

Does anyone not love ribs? They are up there on my favorite things list! I always order them at a barbecue joint, but up until a few years ago, I hadn’t ever made them. What I have learned is that they are super easy to cook!

I slow cook then for 3 hours at 300 in the oven. Basically choose your spices. Give it a good rub down. Place them in the oven. Forget them for a bit. Check on them. If you love barbecue sauce, brush some on and pop them back in for a little while longer.

Really. That’s about it!

Dry rubbed and roasted for 3 hours.

To remove or not to remove the membrane? That is the question!

Across the board, you will hear to remove the membrane on the back of the ribs, as it leads to a more tender meat. I have cooked it both ways, and in the end I think that it is personal preference.

I usually keep it on for the simple fact that I like the texture of the membrane when it is cooked. I have liked eating it off the bone that way since I was a kid eating the dry rubbed oven roasted ribs my mother made. There is a “snap” quality to it that I thoroughly enjoy! Try it both ways and see what you prefer.

Ingredients for Diana’s Rib Rub:

All of my spices. Salt, black pepper, cumin, ginger, mustard powder, garlic, cayenne, paprika, onion powder, cinnamon.

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp black pepper

1/2 tsp cumin

2 tsp ginger

2 tsp mustard powder

2 tbsp onion powder

2 tsp cayenne

1 tbsp tsp paprika

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp cinnamon


I mix all of these ground spices in a jar. When I am ready to use it, I will sprinkle out however much I desire to use that day. Rub and then drizzle with a little olive oil. Some days I will use more, and other days less. This is all up to you!

You can use this spice mix for a variety of meats & vegetables. I love it on chicken too!

Diana’s Rib Rub. I have it stored and ready to go whenever I want to use it!

Pop in the oven at 300 F for 3 hours.

If you desire to glaze it with your favorite barbecue sauce, do so for the last 15 minutes so that it bakes in.

Dry rubbed and drizzled with a little olive oil and ready to go!
Dry rubbed with and served with a cashew slaw.
These ribs were dry rubbed and then glazed with sugar feee barbecue sauce, served with roasted radishes.
Dry rubbed and glazed with sugar free bbq sauce served with a Greek “horiatiki” village salad.

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