Hello, hello & welcome!!! Καλώς Ήλθατε!

Hi everyone! My name is Diana, and I love to cook!

I grew up in New York City in a Greek household where we lived alongside our grandparents, “yiayia and pappou”. I got to experience first hand my grandparents cooking, often together. Being nostalgic for tradition, but mostly needing to stick to a new lifestyle, I have happily managed to adjust many recipes to fit keto, paleo, gluten free and candida eating requirements.

I include recipes made in the traditional fashion for those seeking authenticity, as well as recipes that are sugar free, low carb or gluten free. Some foods simply require very simple conversions.

I hope that you enjoy my page, and find these recipes helpful in your own culinary exploration & journey!



My yiayia Anneta knitting, still back in Greece before they immigrated to the United States.
She was magical in the kitchen!
My grandparents, Dionisios & Anneta Georgopoulos, newlyweds. Weren’t they absolutely beautiful? They were true partners in their marriage and an important example of true love for all of us. He wrote poetry for her, until he passed away, three years after her.

I dedicate this blog to their memories.

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