Candida Pau d’arco Detox Tea

One of the health issues that I deal with is Candida. And it can be a very unpleasant pain in the you know where!

Candida Albicans is a gut bacteria that exists in everyone’s body. For some of us, an overgrowth can be triggered that will cause an abundance of yeast production & fungal infections in the body, (I see it usually on my skin), brain fog, joint pain, cystic acne, and it is in general a very uncomfortable experience.

It can be triggered by antibiotics, overeating sugar & starches, and even the cortisol released in high stressful situations. This issue is the primary reason that I began a journey of alternative cooking. Going grain free & sugar free have basically changed my life. I have been technically battling this for over ten years, and it doesn’t truly go away. However, you can continue to do things to keep it under control through the combined use of supplements and appropriate food choices.

After so much research over the years there are a few foods that I turn to if candida rears it’s ugly head my way. Eating unsweetened full fat yogurt is one of them. Including fresh garlic in my foods is another. However in every single supplement that fights off candida, yeast & fungus is one common ingredient. It is called pau d’arco.

Pau d’arco tea.

Pau d’arco is the Tahuari tree found in both Central and South Americas. It naturally has very strong anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties. It has been used by local healers for hundreds of years.

You make the tea from the inner bark of the tree. While you can find it in teabags, you truly do not reap the full benefits by simply steeping this tea. You have to bring it to a boil and let it simmer for nearly thirty minutes. I then let it steep till it is cool enough for me to strain into a large bowl and refrigerate in a container.

*Please note that pau d’arco is considered unsafe during pregnancy.

Although at times I drink it as is, it has a slightly bitter woodsy taste. Therefore I also like to boil it with a few other ingredients.

Pau d’arco on the rocks

My tea blend includes:

pau d’arco (anti fungal, antibacterial)

rose hips (vitamin c – immune booster)

rose petals (stress reducer, antibacterial)

mint (soothes gastrointestinal problems)

lemon verbena (helps with bloating)

cinnamon stick (anti microbial, anti bacterial)

ginger (anti fungal , joint pain reducer, anti inflammatory, brain function)

cloves (antioxidants, kills bacteria)

I make a large batch and refrigerate it. I have always been a lover of unsweetened iced tea, so I often drink it cold. However, you can easily reheat it if you prefer it hot.

I have also used straight pau d’arco tea as a compress for skin infections. So in my experience, it helps both inside and out.

My candida fighting year blend.

I do hope that you find this information helpful to your health!

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