Onion, orange peel & ginger tea with Sideritis (Greek mountain Tea)

Have you ever made kitchen medicine? I often do! I look to some of the sage advice that my pappou (grandfather) taught me about some of the traditional botanicals he had learned about from his parents. Add in my own research, and I discover even more!

Greeks call those “yiatrosofia” which are what we call the old world remedies. And those are usually cooked up in the kitchen! I love to channel the little old village lady that hides inside of me. I hide many tricks up my sleeve!

This is one of my favorites and it really does help us when we are feeling under the weather.

Here are a few facts about the ingredients that I have chosen for this tea:

Onions are high in Quercetin, which is much needed for immune health, and gut health.

The essential oils of the orange peel are high in vitamin C.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory.

Sideritis or Greek mountain tea reduces inflammation and pain, great for cold and flu & is regenerative. In Ancient Greece it was even used as a compress to heal sword wounds.

Fennel helps to fight off infections.

Star anise contains thymol which treats cold and flu.

Rosemary is antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti inflammatory

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants, fights inflammation, bacteria and fungi.

Rose hips come from wild roses and contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Rose petals soothe a sore throat, while also aiding in digestion.


1 brown onion (peel and all)

orange peel (any citrus peel will do)

raw ginger


star anise

rose hips

cinnamon stick


dried rose petals

Greek mountain tea (sideritis)


Slice up the onion, your pieces of orange peel & your ginger and add to your pot of water. Add in the rest. Bring to a boil & then simmer for 20 -30 minutes.

Let it steep in there as it cools. Strain it and jar it. I keep it in the refrigerator and then warm some up when I want to drink it.

Pinching my pappou’s cheeks! He was truly a man of wisdom (and fun). Enlightened us with the lessons of his own life experience & his large thirst for knowledge. A published poet, devoted family man and proud Kefaloniti, within our Greek community he was well loved and respected. He was truly full of grace.
I am honored to be his first grandchild.

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