Labneh Yogurt Cheese

I made homemade Labneh, which is a Levantine cheese made from yogurt.
In Greece, we call this “tiri kremas” which simply means cream cheese.
This is a simple process. I took Greek yogurt, which is already strained, and strained it even more, to drain out even more whey.
You can do this in the fridge over a couple of days; one day minimum. I wanted a savory cheese, so I used a little sea salt to coerce the whey out.

Labneh balls preserved in extra virgin olive oil

1 container of Greek yogurt (17.6 ounces full fat Fage geek yogurt)
1/4tsp sea salt

Mix these two well. Then wrap this in a cheesecloth and hang it in a pot in the fridge to allow to strain. I let mine strain for three days. You can use the whey in smoothies or baked goods. Yogurt cheese can be eaten many ways. It will have a cream cheese like texture, and you can place it in a container in the fridge and use it right away within a week.

However, if you want to preserve it and keep it longer, you can do so by using olive oil and you can hide it in a dark place for up to three months. Be sure that the yogurt cheese is always covered by olive oil. However, once you open your jar, you need to use it within two weeks time.

You will need a wide mouthed jar.

When the yogurt is strained well, you will be able to roll little balls of yogurt with your hands. I lightly dampened my hands in order to do this. Roll them into balls and place each one in a jar.

To the jar I added a fresh oregano sprig, red pepper flakes and lemon peel, for aromatics. Fill the jar with a good quality extra virgin olive oil.
When ready to use, you can spoon out the Labneh and some aromatic oil and use it as a dip, a spread, in a salad. Anyway you wish!

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