Greek Coffee

Greek coffee ☕️! Greeks, Armenians, Turks and other people’s in that part of the world all drink this coffee. We all call it by our ethnic name for it.

Greek coffee for two. (I painted these cups.)

The Greek version is traditionally a blonde roast, and is less bitter to the taste. I use the Loumidis Papagalos brand coffee.

Side note, during times of war & economic depression, as coffee was expensive and a luxury, my yiayia Artanoula would actually grind up dehydrated roasted chickpeas to blend together and give more longevity to her stash of coffee.
The special pot is called a briki. Your measuring tool is your demitasse coffee cup!

Fill your little coffee cup with water & pour that into the briki. Follow with a heaping tsp of coffee, your desired amount of sweetener. A good friend from Chios taught me to add cardamom to it, as they do where he is from. Medium flame. Stir after the coffee has sunk to the bottom. Bring to a slow boil, but do not over boil!

Spoon off the coffee froth into your cup & gently pour your coffee.

And when you are all done, you can flip it over and you might even see your fortune! 😉

We love to look for patterns, signs and shapes and see what the future might hold!
My yiayia Artanoula (mentioned above) and me visiting the underground Lake Melissani in Kefalonia, Greece in 1988.

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