Diana’s Fathead Dough

Guess what! You can still have pizza if you are avoiding wheat and grains! You can make Fathead Dough instead. You basically need low moisture shredded mozzarella, cream cheese & almond flour! Easy to make and takes just a few minutes.

I have tried a couple of recipes that I had found online, however I found them to be too sticky for me. So I tweaked it to my liking. I usually will make two different fathead dough based foods, out of one batch of fathead dough. I find that the extra bit of almond flour makes it easier for me to handle it. For example, I can make a ham and cheese roll with half, and a chocolate walnut bar with the other half.

I have used this dough to make anything from pizza, to empanadas, to spanakopita & tiropita. I included some photos at the end so that you might get some inspiration!

Since we aren’t using wheat and it’s natural occurring gluten, you obviously will not get the same texture. However, it definitely fills the void I want to create some of my traditional favorites!


1 3/4 cup low moisturizer shredded mozzarella

2 tbsp cream cheese

1 tbsp butter

2 cups super fine almond flour

1/4 tsp salt

1 egg


Start by melting your shredded mozzarella, cream cheese and butter on low heat. This can be done in a microwave on intervals, but I prefer the stove top method. As it is all melting stir together until it is combined.

The low moisturizer mozzarella is important because you don’t want extra liquid/water to be released, as it will mess up your final result.

Making fathead dough using the stove top method.

When it has melted together, turn off the heat & then add in the rest of your ingredients, starting with the almond flour. Then add your egg & salt.

Depending on if you have decided to make something savory or sweet, you can also add in pretty much anything else to flavor it! That includes anything from dry herbs to onion or garlic powders for savory; cinnamon, vanilla extract and your favorite sweetener for sweet!

Working the dough on parchment paper, dusted with almond flour.

Then you will work your dough on the parchment paper to make sure all ingredients are incorporated.

And now the sky is the limit! You can create whatever you want. Below are a few foods that I have made from fathead dough!

Have fun & get creative!

Fathead dough kreatopitakia or meat pies
Fathead dough spanakopita
Fathead dough braided tiropita
Tiropita made in a square baking pan.
Fathead dough chocolate walnut bar
Fathead dough bacon, egg & cheese breakfast pizza
Fathead dough pumpkin empanadas
Fathead dough pepperoni pizza
Fathead dough strawberry cheese danish
Fathead dough wrapped hot dogs
Ham & cheese pie or as we say in Greece, zabonotiropita.
Fathead dough blueberry mini pies
Fathead dough pita chips
Fathead dough lattice jam pie or Pastaflora

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