Salted Buttered Pecans

Roasting nuts is like a guilty pleasure for me. That beautiful aroma that wafts through the kitchen from your oven is addicting. Roasting nuts deepens their flavor, making it more complex and earthy.

I have a preference for savory over sweet when it comes to nuts. However, if you have a basic recipe such as the one below, then you can easily enhance it by changing up the spices.

Below I have roasted pecans in melted butter & Himalayan pink salt! Pecans are a great keto nut option! Only 4g carbs & 22g of fat per 3 ounces.

12 oz of raw pecans
4 tbsp butter melted
1 tbsp salt

Bake at 325 F for 25 minutes.
Let cool on the baking sheet.

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