Gemista – Greek Stuffed Summer Vegetables

Every single Greek household has a recipe. Gemista are considered healthy, home cooked comfort food. And while there is a standard universal recipe, every cook brings their unique touch and love to this dish! I grew up eating them stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, rice and vegetables. In other households, they were stuffed … Continue reading Gemista – Greek Stuffed Summer Vegetables

Keto “Ravioli” with Ground Beef and Parmesan Cheese

I have been googling how to recreate one of my favorite things, which is ravioli. And for someone following a ketogenic or even a low carb lifestyle, the real deal is not on the menu! Of course that doesn’t mean that you should never enjoy it in its authentic form ever again! However, if you … Continue reading Keto “Ravioli” with Ground Beef and Parmesan Cheese