Jicama Chips

Looking for a low carb potato chip option? I’ve got you right here!!! Baked jicama chips!!!

Jicama is the Mexican turnip, and it is a root vegetable. The exterior is yellowish brown and paper-like, while the interior is milky white & crispy. It is a refreshing addition to slaw, and in Mexico it is often mixed into fruit salads. Stateside, I have found them thinly sliced into tortillas & have used them to create low carb wraps and tacos! And it’s a great source of vitamin C.

Jicama is actually high in carbohydrates that are in the form of dietary fiber called inulin, which is a prebiotic. This basically causes it to not cause a spike in insulin.

In other words, a medium jicama can be 58 g in carbohydrates, have a dietary fiber of 32 g, and its net carbs to be 26 carbs for the whole thing. Two jicama tortilla rounds are 3g of carbohydrates.

The presliced jicama tortilla packages come with eight slices. Cut them into quarters for a total of 32 chips, 8 of those chips being 3 carbs.


1 package of jicama tortilla wraps

(Or one jicama that you will peel and slice thinly with a mandolin slicer)

Sea salt

Olive oil spray


Cut your jicama tortillas into quarters. Spray a parchment lined cookie sheet with olive oil spray. Lay out the jicama pieces. Spray once more with oil & sprinkle with salt.

Bake for 30 minutes at 250 F. Then flip them over and continue to bake for another 30 minutes. Allow them to cool on a cooling rack so that they crisp up even more.

They are such a lovely alternative to potato chips should you want to try something different! Eat them as is or with your favorite dip!

Kali Oreksi!

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